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AdaptiCAM Pricing

Adapticom, Inc.

Adapticom strives to provide the highest quality and most modern surveillance equipment at the most economical costs, with the cost of a small, multi-camera system typically coming in at less than $1,000.00. 

That being said, for those desiring extremely sophisticated systems or extremely robust software, we also offer systems and software packages that run well into six figures.

The cost of an "Adapticam System" is made up of four components:

1.  Hardware costs.
2.  Installation costs.
3.  Software setup
4.  Image storage and site maintenance

Hardware Costs

System hardware is made up of



Adapticom utilizes LAN or Internet cameras, not web cams.  LAN cams require no association with a PC and reside directly on a wired or wireless LAN.  Costs for these cameras start at around $250.00 and go up into the thousands  Our average customer typically selects cameras in the $250.00 to $450.00 range.  As a result the camera cost for a  typical 4-cam installation might be in the area of $1,250.00:

basic "wired" camera
basic "wireless" camera
Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera
Total Camera Costs


Adapticam typically utilizes relatively inexpensive routers, costing between $75.00 and $150.00.  For installations with great distance between cameras or many cameras in use, additional devices, known as hubs, costing $50-$100, may be required.

Some installations may benefit from wireless cameras, which will also require a wireless access point, or router.  These devices typically cost between $200.00 and $500.00.


Wired cameras and routers are connected via Cat-5 (Category five) or Cat-6 cable, typically costing $0.10 to $0.20 per foot.

Installation Costs

Adapticom ships preconfigured systems world-wide to all countries not covered by export restrictions. Many installations are simple enough to be completed by a business owner, school IT administrator, or home owner. However, upon request Adapticom will advise the purchaser in the selection of a local licensed alarm installer to complete the installation.

Obviously, the cost of installation varies depending on the site and the level of difficulty posed by the site and complexity of the system.   It is unusual, however for the installation of a four camera system to be more than $1,000.00 and often can be expected to be closer to $500.00.  The installation costs fall into three broad categories:

LAN Cabling
Camera mounting

LAN Cabling

LAN Cabling refers to the labor involved in running the required cables through the structure.  These costs can some times be mitigated by the use of wireless components.


The cameras require low voltage DC power, which may be provided by a DC supply plugged into an AC outlet, or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Camera Mounting

The cameras come with basic mounting kits and in typical environments this is simply a matter of bolting the bracket to the structure.  However, environmental factors such as concrete, ceramic tile, glass, etc. may complicate mounting and add costs.

Software Setup

Setup of the software involves configuration of the cameras and software modifications at the server.  For a basic installation this is a simple one time fee of $35.00 per camera.  However, the cameras themeselves are extremely robust and have numerous enhanced features which can be accessed by custom software or sophisticated software packages.

Image storage and site maintenance

The storage of images and site maintnenance is done for a reoccuring monthly fee and users receive the following services:

Public Website area for LANcam image display
Password protected Website area for LANcam image display
Domain name registration and hosting (i.e.
E-mail accounts (five included)
E-mail forwarding
Basic Website (Robust and sophisticated websites and web applications supplied at $30.00/hr to $60.00/hr).
Image and file storage (approximately 125,000 images @ 7 Kb /image)

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