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Business Continuity Preparedness and Emergency Management Program Support

Adapticom has a different focus than many other Emergency Planning Consultancies in that we focus first and foremost on advance preparations.  Secondly, we focus on both corporate preparedness and personal preparedness of corporate personnel, allowing the corporation to be a central resource to officers and employees during a crisis.  Centering preparedness capabilities around the corporation facilitates the quickest possible return to normal operations and insures that the staff will be best prepared to continue minimal duties and communications during the event, while quickly returning to normal duties shortly thereafter. While Adapticom provides a full range of emergency planning and consulting, ten crucial topics are detailed herein:

  1. Continuity of Communications
  2. Continuity of Operations
  3. Threat and Security Assessment Consulting
  4. Hazard Vulnerability Assessments
  5. Readiness Capability Assessments
  6. Emergency Management Planning
  7. Emergency Operations Center Review
  8. Damage Assessment Plan and Implementation Procedures
  9. Emergency Exercises
  10. Incident Command System Training

Continuity of Operations

Adapticom's Business Continuity Management focuses on assuring continuous business capability to improve an organization's operational capability after a disruption. Introduction Many risks threaten your organization by disrupting the business processes. Risks can be categorized into four major groups:
  1. Typical Natural Disasters, such as fires, floods, earthquakes and tornados.
  2. Atypical Natural Disasters, such as a Solar Storm or EMP, or Medical Pandemic
  3. Typical Man-Made disasters, such as cyber attacks, sabotage, theft, or social unrest.
  4. Atypical Man-Made disasters, such as terrorism, monetary failure, widespread social unrest, EMP attacks, and war.
Any one of these can all be very disruptive for your business. Continuity management planning will benefit your firm and personnel as it helps minimize disruptions and financial loss during both major and minor events.

Adapticom Inc. is an engineering firm based in the Raleigh, Durham, RTP area of North Carolina, offering product development in the form of engineering services, prototyping, software development, mechanical design, electronic design, electrical design, embedded systems, firmware design.

Adapticom's principal location is in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Other Adapticom services include Infrastructure Consulting, "design for security", offshore outsourcing, product certification, prototyping, high speed digital logic, mitigation of emitted radiation, and BOM cost optimization, mechanical and electrical design, as well as a monthly newsletter.

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