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Design For Security

(Continued) Increasing "Design For Security" Through Programmable Logic and Reconfigurable Devices

Presented by:  Adapticom, Inc.

Today's reconfigurable devices are key to "design for security" concepts and have progressed well beyond the FPGA and PAL technologies that proliferated during the 1990's, now including mixed signal devices such as the Motorola 56800E core-based family of Hybrid Controllers, which combine the processing power of a DSP and the functionality of a microcontoller inside a compact 64-pin LQFP.  This device features 60 MIPS performance (at 60 MHz), along with 48 KB of on-chip Flash memory and a comprehensive set of peripehrals.  It extends the capabilities of the 56F8322 by adding additional analog-to-digital converter (ADC) inputs, and timer input/output pins and has the following features:

A second device family of note in regrard to "design for security" methodology, the Cypress PSoC CY8C27x, contains over 100 reconfigurable analog and digital library components created from 12 fundamental analog and 8 digital blocks.  Each of these PSoC (Programmable System on Chip) devices contain a 24 MHz 8-bit microcontroller unit (MCU); 16 kbytes of flash memory; 256 bytes of SRAM; an 8x8 multiplier with 32-bit accumulator; power and sleep monitoring circuits; and a precision real-time clock.  The largest device in the family, the CY8C27443 (datasheet), contains the following resources:

and can be configured to provide such features as: Since the devices have a defined set of analog and digital resources, that can be configured in many ways the overall device function is determined entirely by its programmable configuration. As a result, there are little or no "clues to function" provided by a visual examination of the PCB, thus maintaining "design for security". Many devices, including both the Motorola and Cypress parts have security features to prevent configuration readback.  The reconfigurability of the devices allow for a tampering defense through "configuration scrubbing", or the loading of "white" configurations.

Other configurable devices with analog/digital functions:

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