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Recent Adapticom projects include the evaluation of security issues with regard to attacks and reverse engineering in SRAM, Flash, and Antifuse FPGAs, including attack countermeasures incorporated in Actel ProASICPlus, Xilinx Virtex-II™, and Atmel FPSLIC™ device families, as well as future families, such as the soon to be announced Actel "Third Generation" ProASICPlus and Xilinx Whitney and Ranier families. While much of the material on unanounced products is available only under NDA and cannot be relased by Adapticom, considerable time has been spent in consult with the vendors and revue of specifications in preparation for upcoming design issues.

Adapticom features a team consisting of Adapticom staff and associated consultants to address security concerns in FPGAs. The team possesses expertise with FPGA security and attack/tampering issues such as:

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