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Quotation #37089

HPFI-120, Hi-Pot Fail Inducer - Four Port

The retail cost of the HPFI-120 is $4,300.00 US dollars per unit.

The discounted cost of the HPFI-120 to existing customers is $3,500.00 US dollars per unit.

The HPFI-120 is intended for use in providing the inducement of failures to Hi-Pot testing devices. The HPFI-120 contains four AC ports to simulate the effect of failures in a device with four power supplies.

Cables are not included.

Pricing does not include shipping, duties, or taxes.
Payment terms are 30 days net.

Payment mode is either bank transfer or check.

Mode of shipment is "freight collect", via the carrier of the purchaser's choice with the purchaser paying all freight, duties and taxes.

The weight of the HPFI-120 unit is between approximately 2.5 and 5.0 pounds.

Units are shiped three days A.R.O. (After Receipt of Order).

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