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Information Technology (IT) / Information Services (IS) Management and Development

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Servicing Greensboro, Thomasville, Raleigh, Durham, RTP, & Chapel Hill North Carolina.

Engineering and Technical Solutions

Adapticom provides Information Technology (IT) / Information Services (IS) Management and Development for companies with a shortfall in personnel & managment resources.  Adapticom fills the gaps in client company resources, providing turnkey project delivery, and providing consulting services during ventures into new technologies or new version roll-outs.

The Adapticom team of experienced engineering professionals represents a variety of industries and backgrounds.  We have combined our hardware, software, and product roll-out talents to reduce your costs, improve your time to market, and save you from temporarily growing your facilities and personnel.

Data Base Conversions & Management

Adapticom has Data Base experience with conversions and tool development, including SQL, "ACT!", and others.

Workstation / Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

Enterprise or small business level implementations of VDI to operate the "virtualized" desktop on a remote or on-premisis central server, instead of on the local storage of the client; resulting in users being able to execute from their local machine, a suite of programs, applications, processes, and data kept on the virtualizing server.

Server Virtualization

Eenterprise or small business level implementations of virtualization solution that facilitates the creation ofmultiple instances of virtual servers running Win NT, Win 2000, Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, & Server 2012, all running within the same physical machine.

Accounting Software

  1. Quickbooks
    1. Online Banking
    2. Payroll
    3. Payroll Liabilities
    4. Backups
    Firewall and Endpoint solutions

    Anti-Virus implementations

    Active Directory

    Regular maintenance of Active Directory on each Domain Controller, including User accounts and Computer account life cycles throughout the network environment.

    Microsoft Exchange

    Microsoft Office

    Site upgrade for all versions of Windows


    Enable your organization to capitalize on our expertise, by providing engineering outsourcing, consulting services, hardware, software and internet application development services.

    In today's market, it is not always necessary or advisable to hire direct or onsite personnel.  Let our staff handle your IT / IS workload and pay only for the work needed.  Avoid the payroll expenses related to hiring direct employees, the high cost of onsite contractors, and the inefficiencies of a periodically idle engineering staff.

    Adapticom services Greensboro, Thomasville, Raleigh, Durham, RTP, & Chapel Hill North Carolina.

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