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Your design, manufacturing, & networking partner!

The Adapticom team of experienced engineering professionals represents a variety of industries and backgrounds.  Adapticom has combined these hardware, software, and product development talents to reduce client costs, improving time to market, and allowing clients to avoid growth of facilities and personnel.

IP Erosion

While no company can be completely immune to the IP erosion caused by the normal cycling of employees and contractors through the organization, there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the problem.  No company of any sophistication would be caught without an off-site backup of their critical data, but where is that same level of diligence when it comes to archiving the experience and general background of their employees?  Once an employee or contractor leaves, there is the highest probability that no one from the organization will have further contact with that individual.  

With decades of experience as professional contractors/vendors/consultants, Adapticom has developed techniques and experience to aid companies in preventing IP erosion.  Adapticom is staffed by a core group of very professional engineers that have worked together for years and in many cases decades.  While members of the staff may sometimes be involved in their own individual projects, a good deal of their time is always available to Adapticom and no one is ever unavailable. 

When Adapticom is involved in a project, a proprietary documentation and archival process is implemented.  The process is "well known" to the staff and designed for "ease in task switching", allowing a staff member to quickly pick back up on a project that may have been dormant for some time.  Since this process is independent of the client company, it provides a great off-site backup of data and core project concepts.  Since the Adapticom staff is perpetually available, and the non-verbal and difficult-to-describe information and experience resides within each of the individuals, Adapticom becomes the SWAT team that can provide crucial assistance when an employee or contractor has suddenly left or a dormant project must be resurrected. 

Each client's information archive is maintained in a special, password-protected area of the server and subject to routine backups and offsite storage.  Adapticom staff is made up of seasoned professionals, each with a documented track record, as opposed to seedy, fly-by-night individuals that may be located by employment advertisements.  The background of each staff member is available to the client for background checks as needed.  A plethora of professional references are available as well. 


Adapticom has a proven team methodology that allows effective and efficient work with both team members and clients at different locations. There is simply no substitute for the experience of a team that has worked together for an extended period of time.


Adapticom staff utilize the latest tools to assist clients in their product development.  Web based systems are used to monitor and track progress. Facilities and resources are dedicated on a project-by-project basis to maintain confidentiality and security.  With a proven track record and
client list, Adapticom is a first choice for engineering needs.


Enable your organization to capitalize on our expertise, by providing engineering nearsourcing, consulting services, hardware, software and Internet application development services.

Adapticom provides services globally, and locally in the Raleigh, Durham, RTP, & Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

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