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Revisions "B", 10/13/05

MC56F8300: Hybrid MCU Development

Development utilizing Motorola's advanced 56F8300 brings demonstration, evaluation and development capabilities via the 56F8300 series of hybrid controllers. This comprehensive family includes the 60 MIPS 56F8323 hybrid controller with on-chip oscillator, which illustrate the enhanced capabilities of the 56F8300 Series.  For applications in which processing power must be combined with remote sensing capabilities, Adapticom utilizes the MC56F8300DSK, which integrates Motorola's MC33794 E-field sensor.  Our development boards also feature a built-in JTAG-to-parallel port command converter, with parallel cable included, providing fast and simple out-of-the-box debugging.

Development with the Motorola 56F8300 Motorola 56F8300 Development
Motorola 56F8300 Development Board

MC56F8300DSK Features

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