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May Year
Adapticom Newsletter

Here are some items of interest we found this month:

Google Analytics: Enough for Small Businesses?
Google Analytics is a tool that many companies use to track user activity on their websites. Google Analytics can track the geographical regions from which activity is coming, where users are clicking on the site, and when they accessed it. Google Analytics is a free tool, which bolsters its appeal to many companies. However, there are other tools out there, which cost money, that provide a more in depth look into web activity for companies. Many companies ask themselves, however, if the monetary investment is worth it for these extra features. Many companies with millions of visitors to their website want to know more than from where and when their visitors view the site, and where they go once there. Particularly companies whose websites are selling product want to know what led their visitors to their site in the first place in order to know which advertisements are the most effective in which geographical areas, in what locations on the web. These companies may also want to know why users exit the “persuasion path” to their product, and from which advertisements these drop outs are coming. So the question remains, is it worth it for small businesses to invest in these more advanced programs? For many small businesses, it may be enough to simply know from where users are coming, and what they are doing on the site. It may not be worth spending the extra money on a program that may not make a lot of difference for a company without millions of clients.

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