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Your design, manufacturing, & networking partner!

The Adapticom team of experienced engineering professionals represents a variety of industries and backgrounds.  Adapticom has combined these hardware, software, and product development talents to reduce client costs, improving time to market, and allowing clients to avoid growth of facilities and personnel.

Basic Patent Questions

Adapticom often becomes involved with product development clients just at the point they are engaging a law firm to research patent issues.   While it is often intuitively obvious to even a lay person that a patent search is advisable as a first step, the subsequent liabilities from skipping an infringement analysis may not be so obvious.  Infringement is a separate issue from patentability and must be posed to the selected law firm and a plan developed.  Obtaining a patent on a product does NOT exempt one from existing patents on which the new concept may be built.  Failure to consider infringement on existing patents early in the development process may very well halt the project in its last days, wasting enormous amounts of money and resources.  Costs for an analysis of infringement issues may be expensive and alternatives such as insurance are available.  Either way, the subject must be addressed.


Adapticom staff utilize the latest tools to assist clients in their product development.  Web based systems are used to monitor and track progress. Facilities and resources are dedicated on a project-by-project basis to maintain confidentiality and security.  Adapticom has a highly scalable infrastructure providing the ability to quickly and effectively accommodate projects large or small in size.  With a proven track record and
client list, Adapticom is a first choice for data-center installations, prototype development, rework, system configuration, or failure analysis.


Enable your organization to capitalize on our expertise, by providing engineering outsourcing, consulting services, hardware, software and Internet application development services.

In today’s market, it is not always necessary or advisable to hire direct or onsite personnel.  Adapticom staff will handle the workload allowing the client to pay only for the needed services.  Thus avoiding the payroll expenses related to hiring direct employees, the high cost of onsite contractors, and the inefficiencies of a periodically idle engineering staff. 

Adapticom provides services globally, and locally in the Raleigh, Durham, RTP, & Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

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rework, system configuration, or failure analysis


New Product Development

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