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QPSK Demodulator

VHDL Design

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QPSK demodulation

The QPSK Demodulator demodulates a quaternary phase shift keyed (QPSK) signal.  The input is a baseband representation of the modulated signal.

Decomposes the modulated input signal by using two fixed-frequency driven multipliers with outputs are 90 apart, producing values twice as fast a oscillator.  Two low-pass filters are also utilized, along with a parallel-to-serial converter which translates the dibits to bits, which are the PCM signal.

Alternative QPSK demodulator

Generates four modified carrier phases of 0, 90, 180, and 270 (obtained in the modulator by rotating the angles of the QPSK constellation).  An XNOR operation is executed between each phase and if both coincide, the a modulated signal produces a logic "1".  If the received phase is 0 (related to dibit 00), all the XNORs are at logic "0." If the phase is 90 (dibit 10), the upper branch is a "1".  For 270 (dibit 01) an inversion is observed as logic "1" is produced at the lower branch. In the case of the phase being 180 (dibit 11), a logic "1" is observed on both branches, resulting in a demodulated PCM signal.

A phase-references generator can producee inputs to the XNOR gates.

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