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Deer Feeder

residential deer feeder

"Residential" Deer Feeder

white tail deer feeder

Searched stores and the internet only to find every deer feeder to be expensive, complicated and so unattractive you would never put it on your property?

If so, you are at the right place. Adapticom manufactures and sells a durable, yet economical, deer feeder with NO moving parts, timers, batteries and all the other problematic hardware implemented in the typical, expensive deer feeder.

The Adapticom feeder is not limited to supplying food to deer. It can also be utilized effectively for supplying bulk feed to most kinds of outdoor wildlife. Squirrels, rabbits, birds and other wildlife can all utilize the feeder. Attracting the animals of choice can be accomplished by selectively picking the feed to be loaded into the feeder.

When the intended animal to be fed is a deer or other large mammal, squirrels can largely be excluded by the utilization of certain brands of horse pellets. Contact us for more information.

Wildlife Feeder

The Adapticom deer feeder is designed for residential or remote environments where the main priorities are:

Each deer feeder mounts to the back of a tree (no nails required) and can hold from twenty to twentyfive pounds of corn.

The deer feeder product line for 2005 includes the "light duty", double feed cup, DF23 Deer Feeder, Dual Feed Cup, priced at $106.00, followed by the heavy duty, single feed cup, DF24 Deer Feeder, Single Feed Cup, priced at $116.00

The heavy duty, double feed cup, DF25 Deer Feeder, Heavy Duty, Dual Feed Cup, priced at $135.00, continues to be our biggest selling feeder.

Deer Feeder
Deer Feeder Deer Feeder Deer Feeder Deer Feeder

All prices are FOB Raleigh, NC.

All models are available in kit form (eight pieces, unpainted) for a 25% discount.

All models are available at a 15% discount in quantities of 10 or more.

All models are available at a 25% discount in quantities of 20 or more.


Adapticom Inc.
P.O. Box 91461
Raleigh, NC 27675-1461
e-mail:  feeders at

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Deer FeederDF24_3 Deer FeederDF24_1

Deer Feeder DF23DF23_2 Deer FeederDF23_1

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Deer Feeder - Light Duty, Double Feed Cup

Deer Feeder - Heavy Duty, Single Feed Cup

Deer Feeder - Heavy Duty, Double Feed Cup

Deer Feeder
    Deer / wildlife feeder.

Best Deer Feeder
    The BEST simple and economic deer / wildlife feeder.

Deer Feeder
    Deer Feeder

Residential Deer Feeders
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