Access US Markets
Adapticom, Inc.

Does your company have a product to market or seek to do business in the United States?

Would you welcome guidance in doing business in the US?

What if you could have a support team, web site, and phone support in the US? 

Adapticom Inc. can provide your company with that capability at low cost!
english website in the US
We can provide your company with a new website or a website mirroring your existing one, an English website that is in the US, made by designers that know the US market.
US phone number
We can provide a phone contact, along with sales and support personnel in the US to give your company that valuable US presence and mask from the customer any language issues.
Search Engine Ranking
Not only will you have a website in the US, we will use our time proven techniques and resources to ensure you excellent search engine ranking for your product of services.

Adapticom, Inc.
Adapticom, Inc.
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