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Adapticom, Inc.

VHDL Design

VHDL Design

FPGA - DSP - Modem - Wireless - Microwave
Raleigh - Durham - RTP - Chapel Hill

VHDL Design Portfolio

VHDL Design Modules

VHDL Design Tools

  • QPSK Demodulator
  • 128-tap/32 bit precision FIR filter
  • PCI/VME bridge
  • Ethernet host interface
  • VHDL design of 10 Gig Ethernet
  • VME bus exerciser and analyzer
  • MicroBlaze soft processor
  • RS422/RS485/LVDS interfaces
  • VHDL design of MGT (Multi Gigabit Transceiver)
  • USB host interface
  • 10Gbe LAN/WAN and OTN port interface
  • LAN/WAN/HDLC packet generators and receiver
  • configurable LLC/SNAP fields
  • MPLS tags and HDLC link negotiation
  • modem used in TRuepoint™ 5000 point-to-point digital radio
  • PCI core
  • Cross Point Switch
  • host interface design for QDR SDRAM controller
  • SONET switch cross connect
  • Motorola PPC 860 CPU interface
  • TDM highway communications link including error correction and detection
  • SOC architecture of HDTV Video Compression processor
  • wireless point to point LAN
  • TX/RX ATM cell processor
  • ATM cell processor
  • Cartesian IQ transmit modulator
  • IF Filter
  • Clock Synthesiser
  • Modem DSP
  • RX DSP Interface
  • TX DSP Interface
  • Nyquist filter
  • MPEG2 video/audio to PCI bus encoder
  • Slope Equalizer
  • SONET OC48/192 overhead frame monitoring and Add/Drop processing
  • Trellis module
  • SPI Interface
  • I2C Interface
  • Video Compression Processor sub modules
  • Reed-Solomon error correction
  • PCMCIA\ISA bus to local INTEL i960 bus interface
  • 10 Gig WAN
  • OTN
  • VHDL design of XAUI
  • VHDL design of SFPDP
  • VHDL design of IP Packet generation
  • VHDL design of RF Modem design
  • VHDL design of IRIG
  • VHDL design of MPEG2 encoder
  • VHDL design of MPEG2 decoder


Adapticom has a long design history with several types of HDL:
These and other vendor specific HDL standards targeting:
CPLD, FPGA, Gate array, Standard cell ASIC and Custom ASIC designs.
Adapticom Engineers specialize in RTL based HDL designs for synthesis specific to vendor target technologies,  as well as functional verification, device modeling, system level modeling and timing-signoff/verification requirements.

From a simple CPU interface design to a complex multi-million gate SOC, designs can be done in the client's choice of CAD packages in either a flat or hierarchical configuration with a mix of VHDL, Verilog, and/or schematic based modules.  Adapticom has engineers available who specialize in FPGA / FPSOC design utilizing Actel, Altera, & Xilinx FPGAs, as well as engineers that work "across brands" and are familiar with all families.

Adapticom engineers have extensive experience resolving FPGA performance issues such as timing issues caused by high device utilization combined with high clock speeds.  Our programmers have routinely developed custom scripts to aid in regimenting design constraints, fixing module placement, analyzing routing, etc.

Electrical Design FPGA Design

Adapticom services Raleigh, Durham, RTP, & Chapel Hill North Carolina, as well as the Eastern Seaboard and Continental U.S.

Adapticom provides a wide range of engineering services.  Please see our Main Page for further information.

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