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Adapticom Detail of Services

Adapticom Core Competencies:

  1. HDL Coding
  2. FPGA Design for Asic modeling/prototyping
  3. Analog Design
  4. Digital Design
  5. Software Design
  6. Mechanical Design
  7. Schematic Capture
  8. PCB Design
  9. Prototyping
  10. BOM management
  11. Project Management

Service Area
Business Model

HDL Coding
Adapticom has four individuals experienced in VHDL and Verilog and has developed a
large library of modules and experience, along with expertise with a wide breadth of FPGA vendors and tools.   Synplicity, Model-Tech, Viewlogic, Viewsim, as well as vendor specific and custom tools are typically used.

FPGA Programming
Adapticom has four individuals experienced with "place & route" and other programming
tools for FPGAs.  Two of these individuals have extensive experience with FPGA performance in which maximum operating speed and maximum gate utilization were a necessity.  Adapticom has experience and existing relationships with Actel, Altera, Atmel, Quicklogic, & Xilinx.  NDAs are often in place with one or more of these companies, allowing Adapticom to receive advanced information regarding new product offerings.

Analog Design
Adapticom has on staff two individuals with analog design experience.  One individual in particular has recent experience designing bi-directional 915 MHz RF links for transmission of digital control data.  Another individual has specialized experience in sweeping analog circuitry into mixed mode programmable chips, such as those in the Cypress
PSoC family and the Motorola 56F8xxx Hybrid Controller.

Digital Design
Adapticom has four individuals on staff with extensive digital design experience at the chip, board, and system level.  This experience includes many logic families, including both single ended and differential circuitry.  Other experience includes mitigation of issues related to high speed design such as clock skew, ringing and other termination issues.  Experience also includes incorporation of microcontrollers, both large & small as well as a wide variety of programmable logic.  The digital design experience of the team is too broad and extensive to be fully described in this short document.

Software Design
Adapticom has three individuals with a robust software background.  At the system level one individual in particular has extensive experience with both server and client side applications, along with their integration.  At a lower level two of the associates have extensive experience with embedded systems, microcode and firmware.  All have backgrounds in "C" programming, scripting, etc.

Mechanical design & 3D modeling
Adapticom has two associates available for mechanical design.  Recent experience includes designs for high volume plastic injection molding as well as designs for low to medium volume sheet metal based designs.  All designs are typically done in the latest 3D modeling software with viewable models available for inspection using only a web browser.  
Schematic Capture
All Adapticom engineers have schematic capture experience. We prefer a 100% match between schematic and layout. Some of our schematic capture tools are:

PCB Design & Layout
Three of Adapticom's associates have experience with PCB design and layout.   Some of the CAD systems used for PCB design are: Routing experience includes both hand routing and development of scripts to guide auto-routers, allowing incremental improvement across multiple designs with similar characteristics.

Adapticom has extensive experience with prototyping and low volume preliminary production.  On the mechanical side enclosures can be prototyped using the latest SLA techniques to produce multiple, copies of plastic or metal enclosures.  Designs requiring metal enclosures or components are created using state-of-the-art milling and brake tools of Adapticom vendors.
On the electronic side Adapticom has relationships with companies providing rapid turn on raw PCB cards, as well as suppliers with the capability for readily supplying components on short notice.  Our assembly staff is meticulously thorough and has the capability of producing assembled prototype quantities up into the hundreds.

BOM Scrubbing and Part Procurement
Adapticom has developed successful techniques over the years in attacking component pricing of problematic "Bill of Material" items and surprisingly can often surpass the results of larger procurement companies. 

Project Management
Through the experience of multiple projects spread across wide geographic areas and time zones, Adapticom has developed expertise in managing manpower and resources to allow projects to be completed in an economical and efficient fashion.  Custom web-based tools as well as publicly available tools such as Microsoft Project are used to maintain project integrity.

Service Area
While Adapticom is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and has historically serviced clients in Durham, RTP, and Chapel Hill, as well as the Eastern Seaboard, Adapticom now has clients spread across the continental United States, including California and Texas. 

Business Model
Adapticom Inc. does business as an Engineering Consultancy Firm offering an alternative to outsourcing.  Rather than being an "outsource", we become part of your team and exhibit loyalty to it.  Adapticom provides an on-site presence and interacts frequently with client team members to insure a good comfort level and business relationship.  The business model is akin to an enhanced-consultancy that has the manpower to perform real work rather than simply providing advice and recommendations. 

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