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Adapticom, Inc.

Adapticom Inc. is an Engineering Consultancy Firm offering an alternative to outsourcing.  Rather than being an "outsource", we become part of your team and exhibit loyalty to it.  Adapticom provides an on-site presence and interacts frequently with your team members to insure a good comfort level and business relationship.  Our business model is akin to an enhanced-consultancy that has the manpower to perform real work rather than simply providing advice and recommendations.

Adapticom is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and provides:

System Configuration & Rework

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Software Engineering

New Product Development and Engineering Services

FPGA Design

Electronic Engineering

Home / Office Networking

Prototype, Sample, and Demo Cases


Adapticom is local to Raleigh, Durham, RTP, and Chapel Hill North Carolina, but services the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Other Adapticom services include Infrastructure Consulting, "design for security", offshore outsourcing, product certification, prototyping, high speed digital logic, mitigation of emitted radiation, and BOM cost optimization, as well as mechanical and electrical design.

wire abatement
Design Facility
riser management
Rework/Mfg. Facility
Video Surveillance

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