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PAPNET, Neuromedical Systems Inc. - Design of the prototype PAPNET Cytological Screening System.  Aside from the technical innovations, the project was significant for design was implementation from rough notes sans formal specifications, and prototype status was achieved within six months trade show usage.  The Aspex PIPE image processor was integrated with a computer controlled microscope and an HNC neural network coprocessor to create a system that automatically identified areas on microscope slides of pap smears as suspicious for cancer cells. Responsible for primary image processing and machine vision design, overall system design and project management of a staff of 10 programmers and technicians. Got initial proof of concept functioning in less than six months. Partly as a result of this work, NSI ultimately raised investments of approximately $135,000,000. Two US patents issued from this effort. Patents and all IP are now owned by Tripath Imaging of Burlington, NC.

Tytem, Medical Laboratory Automation Inc. (MLA) - Overall architecture and electronic hardware design for Tytem, an 8085 microprocessor controlled blood bank centrifuge. It included an embedded 8085 processor that controlled the speed, user keypad, and display LED's. Also designed the SCR motor speed controller. This project taken from proposal to production. MLA produced over 1000 of this product under contract to Ortho Pharmaceuticals.

MedAcoustics, Incorporated - Build and debug of a 24-bit data acquisition system to detect the acoustic signature of turbulent blood flow associated with coronary artery disease.  Designed multiple printed circuit boards including a power control module based on a PIC microcontroller.  Responsible for a myriad of system integration, user acceptance, manufacturing, and compliance issues.

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