(revision "B", 03/30/01)

Work Items for "www.estatealarms.com", Adapticom Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina

estatealarms.com, a division of Adapticom Inc., is based in Raleigh, NC and made up of a Hardware Design Division specializing in the creation of custom property based alarm systems for large estate properties of several acres or more.

In preparation for the rollout of "www.estatealarms.com", here is a list of work items:

  1. ** Swing area: Find (in storage area, or at Home Depot or Lowes) replacements for swings on either end (one in middle should be OK). Once purchased, remove old items and replace.

  2. ** Building exterior:
    1. ** Fix and repair wood rot
    2. ** Repaint door threshold to back porch
    3. ** Repaint cat entrance
    4. ** Clean or repaint yellow porch wall.
    5. ** Fill gap above porch entryway

  3. ** Outdoor furniture: spray wicker and paint chairs and other items as needed.

  4. Landscape:
  5. Drainage:
    1. Add drain at East edge of drive through tree line.
    2. Repair black drinage pipe damaged by Cable Co.
    3. Install cement gutter type drain on west side of drive.
    4. Install drain pipe from crawl space (don't start till after 05/10/01).

  6. Irrigation:
    1. Install, check, and maintain timers.
    2. Perform periodic zone switching.

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Adapticom, Inc.
7 P.O. Box 91461
Raleigh, NC 27675-1461
888/767-7501 (FAX)

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