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Techniques of Mechanical Design / Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering and Technical Solutions

Adapticom utilizes "state of the art" as well as traditional mechanical design and mechanical engineering techniques to assist their clients in product development.   Projects can begin with items as simple as a sketch on a napkin or a phone conversation.   Mechanical designs are reviewed by the entire Adapticom engineering staff.   Special consideration is given to communication with the client.   Adapticom web based applications allow clients privledged access, enabling them to be "closely coupled" to the design process.   A robust library of "still" and 3D images is developed and reviewed by clients and staff alike.   After the approval of preliminary designs, Stereolithography (SLA) tools are used to make extremely accurate "solid model prototypes".   After review and testing of the prototypes, designs are enhanced and the project typically moves forward to the tooling stage which facilitates high volume production.   For more information on Adapticom mechanical design capabilities, please contact an Adapticom representative at 919-870-0608.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

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