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The Sleep DynamiX 8" & 10" Memorypedic Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam mattressOur best selling  Memory Foam Mattress!

Each mattress has a generous layer
(10% more) of VITA Vitality Memory Foam! 
(VITA is the worlds largest foam manufacturer and has trademarked their Visco elastic foam as Vitality.)



Memory Foam Selection Guide

Memory Foam refers to special foam, most often used in bedding, which is made primarily from polyurethane with added chemicals to increase the viscosity level and density.  Originally developed by Nasa to help mitigate G-Force pressures, it was never actually used in the space program, instead it was initially popular for medical bedding and topping products.  Memory Foam entered the consumer market in the form of Mattress Toppers, but has since has found popularity  in Luxury Bedding.

The Memory Foam Mattress has become one of the best and most popular sleeping surfaces in the market place.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to get accurate information about Memory Foam and its use in mattresses.  The Internet is full of guides and information pages loaded with inaccuracies.  This page has been designed to combat such mis-information.

Once we provide you with the basics facts of memory foam, we'll assist you in  Memory Foam Mattress selection that accurately fits your needs. If you wish to skip the reading and studying, just give us a call at our toll free number, 1-877-528-0662.   The Sleep DynamiX staff will answer any of your questions and provide advice on your best bed or mattress choice. We'll also be happy to respond to you from our e-mail address: memory foam mattress info

Memory Foam Features and Characteristics

The two key features of Memory foam that make it important to bedding are:

It was features such as these that proved valuable to the medical industry in preventing decubitus ulcers (bed sores).  The combined effects of heat and pressure cause the memory foam to mold to the body shape and spread the weight over a greater surface area.  By increasing the surface area which supports the weight of the body, the issues leading to decubitus ulcers are mitigated.

Memory foam is created from polyurethane with additional chemicals to alter its viscosity and reactance to heat.  The warmer areas of foam next to the body are softer, while the cooler foam further from the body is firmer, thus giving a firm, yet soft feel to the user.

There is widespread agreement that memory foam mattresses have great attributes, but there are so many from which to choose, and the prices vary dramatically.  How does one make an intelligent choice?

There are four important ingredients for a good choice:

  1. Location of manufacture
  2. Integrity of seller
  3. Purchase Price
  4. Quality of materials

Location of Manufacture

Times have changed in the bedding industry and there is no question that more and more items are being made in the far-east at less cost.  However before you purchase a memory foam bed, there are a few things you need to know about their packaging and shipping.  It is a long way from Asia to the U.S. and to keep bed costs competitive, these off-shore manufacturers must minimize their shipping costs.  As a result, the manufacturers go to great lengths to vacuum pack the foam beds, compressing the foam down to the smallest possible size.  Sounds like a good idea.  Compress the beds; ship more beds, keep costs low.  The only problem is they call it Memory Foam for a reason.

Memory foam beds that are vacuum packed for transit typically stay in that state for 8-10 weeks and once placed in a residential environment, depending on the level of compression of the foam,  may take days or weeks to totally decompress and return to its original shape and size.  In some cases it may never return to its original state.

For best results insure that the bed you purchase, along with its foam components, has been manufactured in the country in which you reside.

Integrity of the seller

Most bed purchases are made with the intent of keeping the bed in service for many years.  Fly-by-night sellers of foam beds can assemble memory foam beds from sub-par components that will break-down over a short period of time.  Sleep DynamiX is a family owned business staffed by high itegrity individuals whoose only motivation is to sell as many of the best foam beds as possible for the lowest possible price.  Sleep DynamiX seeks to profit from word of mouth advertising based on the high quality of their product and reasonable price.

Purchase Price

In the world of memory foam beds, t's all about the materials.  Quality foam beds cannot be sold at low prices without the economical procurement of the materials.  Sleep DynamiX has long term relationships with vendors, many of them local to Sleep DynamiX, for memory foam and all bedding components.  The long lasting relationships of Sleep DynamiX personnel with the furniture and bedding industry, combined with their high volume purchasing enables them to provide the deep discounts reflected in their prices.

Quality of Materials

Probably no other aspect of the memory foam bed is as important as the quality of materials.  Sleep DynamiX  memory foam beds are constructed with foam from Vita ®, the world's largest foam manufacturer. Vita ® has trademarked their Visco-Elastic memory foam as Vitality ® and their base foam as Ultra Cel ®.  Ultra Cel ® foam is considered to be among the most expensive and durable polyurethanes in the world and, up until now, rlelgated to ultra-premium leather cusioning in the designer sofa industry.  No known competitor is incorporating such high quality polyurethane into their base foam. Sleep DynamiX memory foam beds utilize a top layer of  the Vitality Visco Elastic foam overlaying a base of the Ultra Cel ® foam.

As a result, memory foam beds from Sleep DynamiX are assured of being assembled from only the very best components.

Tempur-Pedic ®
No memory foam bed guide would be complete without a discussion of Tempur-Pedic®.  Tempur-Pedic ® is a Swedish based company that got its start in the medical business.  This is indicated still today by the incorporation of the medical cross into their logo.  In the early days of Memory Foam development Tempur-Pedic ® had developed their own version of memory foam which they trademarked as Tempur ®.  Their version of memory foam was more durable than that initially developed by NASA.  The Tempur ® foam was not necessarily dedicated to beds.  Since in many cases it is impractical to have an "all foam" bed in a hospital, Tempur-Pedic ® primarily targeted pillows and mattress toppers. Also, since the target was the medical market the products were, and still are, extremely expensive for the consumer market.   In 1998, Bob Trussell, Tempur-Pedic® Founder and CEO, was recognized for using NASA technology to create successful new products.  At that time Nasa was presented with Tempur-Pedic®'s one millionth pillow.  This illustrates the importance of their non-bed products.

However, nothing in the marketplace remains stagnant.  Just as computer giant IBM once dominated the personal computer market, only to eventually conceed it to Dell, Gateway, and others, significant new competitors appeared in the memory foam business.  Companies such as VITA ® devoted themselves to development of new and improved foams with even better qualities than those exhibited by Tempur ®.  Unfortunately for Tempur-Pedic ®, since NASA's original development of memory foam is in the public domain, it is available for everyone to utilize and Tempur-Pedic ® is only allowed to protect the particular design aspects they have developed.

As a result of research and development efforts by VITA ® and others, the consumer is now able to choose between many variants of memory foam.  Competitiion always pays off for the consumer and it certainly has in this case.  One is now able to purchase memory foam beds of the highest quality from numerous vendors other than Tempur-Pedic ®.  Sleep DynamiX has used their skill and knowledge of the industry to develop a line of the highest quality foam beds at the lowest possible prices.

Foam Bed Construction

What about the different foams used in a foam bed.  How much memory foam?  How much base foam?  Regardless of  the comfort,  a bed made entirely from a  single type visco-elastic memory foam just would not work well.  Since most  people frefer a soft  top layer, constructing the entire foam bed of that material would make it much too soft.  As a result, one wants a  reasonably firm foam base with  top layer of  temperature sensitve visco elastic foam.  Now let us deal with how much of each is needed.   Half and Half for instance would still be too soft.  One half inch  would probably not be enough.  The generally accepted best practice is approximately 10% of the thickness of the mattress should be visco-elastic foam and 90% should be base foam. 

Now lets talk about the specific makeup of the two foams, particularly two characteristics that are often confusing:
At first glance one might think that the less the density of the foam, the softer the foam.  This is not true.  It is possible to make a very light weight foam that is very stiff; conversely, it is possible to make a very heavy, dense foam that is very soft.  There are many formulas in existence for both the memory foams and the base foams.  When you select a memory foam bed, you must be assured that

The Memory Foam "mattress only" provides an excellent solution when a replacement mattress is needed.  For other mattress replacement needs please consider our "Air over Coil" Air Dream replacement mattress for sofa beds (hide-a-beds, fold-out-couches).  The Air Dream mattress contains an air bed component, allowing it to be twice as thick as a normal sofa bed mattress while in use.  When not in use, it deflates to normal thickness for stowage. 
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Tempur-Pedic ® is a registered trademark of the Dan-Foam Corporation. The Tempur-Pedic ® brand is not sold here or by Sleep DynamiX.  Sleep DynamiX is in no way affiliated with Tempur-Pedic ®. Information herein regarding Tempur-Pedic ® is presented only for comparison to Sleep DynamiX products.


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