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QVGA display boards, both standard

http://america.renesas.com/media/company_info/news_and_events/press_releases/2007/0402/QVGAnoBrackth.jpg http://america.renesas.com/media/company_info/news_and_events/press_releases/2007/0402/IMG_0011thumb.jpg

and with touch screen technology. Above is the early prototype we "bracketized" for Renesas.  

Below is our prototyping of their original device with touch screen.
QVGA Touch Screen Prototype

Below is the follow-on touch screen product we developed for Renesas (both hardware and firmware).



Net2Phone "dial up" VOIP product Loubia
Loubia New Product Development
Loubia New Product Development Loubia New Product Development

Subsequent itereations were created in the form of the "Yap Jack Plus".
Yap Jack Plus New Product Development

and the "Yap Jack Pro".
Yap Jack Pro New Product Development

Motorola 56F8300 Development Board
Motorola 56F8300 Development Board

Motorola 56F8323 : Hybrid Controller

Cypress PSoC Development Board
Cypress PSoC Development Board (CY8C27443)

Performance Trace Tools

IP Video Surveillance

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Engineering Services


New Product Development

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