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Adapticom, Inc.

While Adapticom will entertain virtually any engineering request, our core competencies fall into seven distinct areas:

  1. New Product Development
  2. System Configuration / Rework
  3. Mechanical Design
  4. Electrical Design / Electronic Design
  5. FPGA Design
  6. Video Surveillance
  7. Home / Office Networking
This particular mix of services provides Adapticom with a healthy diversification of revenue streams and allows us to service clients both large and small.

New Product Development

Adapticom provides clients seeking to develop new products with services covering all aspects of new product development, starting with either writing a product specification document, or the initial electrical design.  Adapticom engineers and associates are familiar with a wide variety of CAD packages and designs can be done in the package of the clients choice.

Adapticom implements DFS (Design For Security) measures early in the design cycle with the implementation of highly integrated digital, analog, and hybrid devices.  Adapticom has particular expertise in the protection of IP with the utilization of of secure programmable logic, along with the implementation of mechanical and electrical countermeasures to mitigate attack attempts by Class I, II, & III attackers. 

Prototype quantities for the new product development can be supplied in quantities as low as one or two, to hundreds.  Once the product volume rises into the thousands, a contract manufacturer is integrated into the project.

No discussion of new product development would be complete without a discussion of off-shore outsourcing and suppliers.  Adapticom has developed relationships with firms in many countries, including Asia, India, and England.  These relationships allow us to partition the design and outsource specific portions when appropriate.  Thus supplying the client with the best possible price while maintaining design security and preventing design theft.

For an FAQ and other information, please see our New Product Development website at WWW.New-Product-Development.US.

System Configuration / Rework

Adapticom provides manufacturers with product fulfillment activities such as "data center" setup, system configuration, rework, and failure analysis. Our customers for these services are primarily large coroporations such as Cisco, IBM, and Net2Phone.

For more details, please see our System Configuration / Rework webpage at

Mechanical Design

Adapticom mechanical engineers utilize the latest tools to assist clients in their product development.  Designs are done in one of several 3D CAD systems, translated to easy-to-use 3-D models, and subsequently modeled with a stereolithography (SLA) process.

For more details, please see our Mechanical Design page at:

Electrical Design / Electronic Design

Adapticom engineers have a wealth of experience in electrical and electronic design techniques.  From sixteen layer mil-spec boards to simple solenoids and microcontrollers, Adapticom has incorporated the technique into a project at one time or another.  Recent projects include sophisticated VoIP and Wireless applications as well as electro-mechanical bedding controls.

For more details, please see our Electrical Design page at:

FPGA Design

Adapticom's bredth of experience with FPGAs is sufficiently deep that it occupies a category of its own.   Our long history with all types FPGA technologies, combined with overseas outsourcing creates an ideal situation for our clients.  Of further note is our relationship with FPGA vendors; such close relationships often allow us to receive advance information from FPGA vendors which translates to a competitive advantage for our clients.  As expected FPGA designs can be done in the client's choice of CAD packages.

For more details, please see our FPGA Design page at:

Video Surveillance

Adapticom offers an economical and effective digigal video solution to clients with potential security liabilities. Our system automatically monitors activity at the target site 24 hours/day and instantly stores motion detected images at an off-site location. The system is ideal for business owners and managers that supervise more than one location or for homeowners who wish to monitor their property or family while at work or away from the premises. Users receive a website with a password protected area from which to view images from the camera/s. Once again our clients benefit from our close and long-term relationship developed with vendors, in this case that of the D-Link Corporation.

For more details, please see our AdaptiCAM page at:

Home / Office Networking

Adapticom provides Networking Services for the small to medium sized business, as well as inidividuals desiring a "well networked" SOHO (Small Office/Home Office). Adapticom has experience with cost effective "complete office overhauls", in which many or all the computers and network components in the business are upgraded/replaced with zero down-time for the users.

Our relationship with large suppliers and manufacturers allow us to provide resonably priced products and services to smaller clients that normally would not be the recipients of such arrangements.

For more details, please see our Home / Office Networking page at:

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